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Inside Alcatraz: Legends of the Rock (2015):

New and revealing interviews from those who know the truth about The Rock.

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Prophets Prey (2015) :

When Warren Jeffs rose to Prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, he took control of a religion with a history of polygamous and underage marriage. In a short time, ...

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Boobs (2014):

Boobs is a documentary about one girls journey through the beauty industry. British model, Precious Muir, has moved from London to New York to make it as a fashion model. Her career has ...

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Awake: The Life of Yogananda (2014):

Unique biopic about Yogananda, author of The Autobiography of a Yogi. In the 1920s, he brought Hindu spirituality to the West. This tells the story of his life and influence on yoga, ...

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Seven Songs for a Long Life (2015) :

The intimate story behind our changing relationship with death - with great songs!

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The Krays Kill Order (2015):

Ronnie and Reggie Kray remain the most notorious criminals in British history. Legends to many, their fame was built on a fearsome reputation and almost mythical celebrity-like status, but who were the real Kray twins?

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River of No Return (2012) :

This film is a journey of exploration into one of Americas best kept secrets.

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Atlantis Found (2015):

This documentary attempts to make history by finding the lost city of Atlantis once and for all. Adventurer-geologist Dr. Martin Pepper sets out to prove his theory that the true Atlantis existed ...

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Bats of the Round Table (2014) :

Bats of the Round Table, an over dinner recollection of the original 1966 Batman TV series with Adam West and celebrity friends Kevin Smith, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee ...

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Billy the Kid: New Evidence (2015) :

In a California memorabilia shop in 2010, collector Randy Guijarro bought this 4-by-5-inch tintype for just $2. After enlarging the image, he saw what looked to be a familiar figure Billy the Kid ...

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